Moving Customer Master Into SAP – A Harlem Guide

Together with products and also suppliers, the client master is just one of the vital master information challenges be filled as a component of an SAP Migration. The client information will certainly be essential to your customer’s service as well as, because of this, you require to ensure that you obtain the information remedy in this field. When attempting to move information right into an SAP system, this white paper will certainly look at some of the various elements of the consumer master as well as some of the major problems that develop. Assumptions. The most effective method to filling consumer master right into SAP is by means of LSMW utilizing either the common tons program RFBIDE00 or the consumer master IDOC or BAPI.

As component of Migration, the address information is frequently discovered to be irregular in the tradition system via years of upkeep by various individuals. Stěhování is a great time to examine and also enhance such information. It is usually finest method for the cleaning to take place in the tradition data source prior to the Migration so that the Migration is clear as well as tidy as feasible.

Moving Customer Master Into SAP - A Harlem Guide

The Address city might be “Kyiv” in some addresses, in others, “Kv” – Some phone number might have braces around the location code, others might not – Some addresses might be missing out on a postcode which isn’t compulsory in the heritage system however which might remain in SAP

Legacy Customer Number

Frequently when moving client master from a tradition system to SAP, there will certainly be a tradition consumer ID. In a straightforward Migration you might have the ability to bring this heritage number right into SAP as the primary SAP number (KNA1-KUNNR) yet this is typically not feasible as a result of number variety clashes, or otherwise preferable as it will certainly not fit right into the array figured out for future consumers. In this situation it is popular to keep the old number in an additional area on the client master for the complying with factors: The customers might such as to have the protection of recognizing that the heritage ID is not entirely gotten rid of. They can look for their consumers based upon their heritage IDs while they obtain made use of to the brand-new system.